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Teacher Forms
5/7/18 to 5/11/18 (Jeff Ray) 5/7/2018

We will be going over our final exam review and amke up tests for the physical fitness tests.

overview of 2018 (Jeff Ray) 3/24/2018

Week # 1 5th 6 weeks (Jeff Ray) 3/24/2018

Week #2 5th 6 weeks (Jeff Ray) 3/24/2018

Week #3 5th 6th weeks (Jeff Ray) 3/24/2018

Week 1 Drivers Ed Module #1 (Jeff Ray) 3/15/2018

week 1 of 6th 6 weeks (Jeff Ray) 4/27/2018

Week #2 Drivers Ed Module #2 (Jeff Ray) 3/15/2018

Week #3 Drivers Ed Module #3 (Jeff Ray) 3/16/2018

week #4 Drivers Ed Module #4 (Jeff Ray) 3/16/2018

Week #5 Drivers Ed Module #5 (Jeff Ray) 3/16/2018

Week #6 Drivers Ed Module #6 (Jeff Ray) 3/16/2018

Week #7 Drivers Ed Module #7 (Jeff Ray) 3/16/2018

Week #8 Drivers Ed Module #8 (Jeff Ray) 3/16/2018

Week #9 Drivers Ed Module #9 (Jeff Ray) 3/16/2018

3/19/2018 to 3/23/2018 (Jeff Ray) 3/18/2018

We will be playing kickball if weather permits. Or whiffle ball inside if weather isnt favorable.

week 1 Physical Education (Jeff Ray) 3/12/2018

week #2 2nd 6 weeks Physical education (Jeff Ray) 3/16/2018

May 1- May 5 (Jeff Ray) 4/30/2017

Field trip to the Y on May 2 and May 4.  We will be playing football and finishing the physical fitness tests for the year. Finish your end of the year exam on edmodo by May 5.

Week #5 1st 6 weeks (Jeff Ray) 9/15/2017

10/16/17 to 10/19/17 (Jeff Ray) 10/5/2017

We will be working on module #3 this week.  Please complete all worksheets on Schoology.

Complete Laws of Nature

Steering Methods

Vehicle Operating-Space

Vision and Driving


Each one will be a test grade.  These need to be completed by Friday Oct. 13 for a grade.

Lesson Plans for 02/06/17 to 02//17/17 (Jeff Ray) 1/1/2017

We will be continuing basketball skills and drills, followed by a class tournament and hopefully a school tournament.

Week 4 6th 6 weeks PHYSICAL EDUCATION (Jeff Ray) 3/2/2018

We will be introducing kickball and softball this week.  We will work on skills for the first part of class then we will play games the remaining time.

Final Exam (Jeff Ray) 4/19/2017

Lesson Plans Jan.23-Feb.3 (Jeff Ray) 1/16/2017

We will have a guest Speaker this week for Sexual Harassment .  Clinch Valley Community Action will be conducting the lessons this week dealing with Teen Dating and Sexual Harassment.  We will complete the worksheet assignments during class.

Feb. 20-March 3 2017 (Jeff Ray) 2/17/2017

STDs for family life (Jeff Ray) 10/9/2017

Family Life 10/9/17 to 10/13/17 (Jeff Ray) 10/9/2017

We will be having Family Life this week.  If you choose to opt out of this, see me to get the opt out form.  This must be signed by your parents and returned to me.  You will be assigned an alternative assignment.  You will need to go to Schoology and complete the three tests.

CPR Sep. 11-15 (Jeff Ray) 9/11/2017

Chapter 21 Tobacco April 3-7 (Jeff Ray) 4/2/2017

The students will read Chapter 21:Tobacco and complete the vocabulary for a grade. They will also complete the three work sheets for a daily grade. We will work on our end of the year physical fitness tests.  If the students finish this work, they may play basketball or pass football.