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Teacher Forms
9/24/2018 to 9/28/2018 Module #4 (Jeff Ray) 9/24/2018

We will have vision and hearing testing done this week.  We will also be working on Module #4 for Drivers Ed.  Students will need to complete the tests and quizzes on Schoology after viewing the powerpoint presentation.  The students must score at least a 70 on each test.

Oct. 1-5 Week #1 2nd 6 weeks (Jeff Ray) 9/28/2018

We will be working on Module #5 in Drivers Education.  Students need to review the slides on the DOE website and complete the workbook.  You will need to complete the tests on Schoology as well.  These tests will be due by Friday, October 5.

Oct. 8 - Oct. 12 Module 6 (Jeff Ray) 10/8/2018

Oct.15-Oct.19 Week #3 2nd 6 weeks (Jeff Ray) 10/2/2018

Overview Module 2 (Jeff Ray) 10/8/2018

week 1 Physical Education (Jeff Ray) 3/12/2018

We will be weighing and measuring the students so that we can compare to the middle and end of the year numbers.  We will also begin physical fitness testing, (sit-ups, pull-ups,v-sit, and mile).

Week 1 Drivers Ed Module #1 (Jeff Ray) 3/15/2018



The student will demonstrate an understanding of signs, signals and pavement markings, licensing procedures, right-of-way rules, and other responsibilities associated with the driving privilege. (Related SOL: DE.1, DE.6)


A.    Topic 1 Driver Education Program Goals
Upon completion of Topic 1 Driver Education Program Goals, students will know the core program goals for the classroom phase, in-car instruction, Parent-Teen Presentation, and be introduced to the Virginia Driver’s Manual.


B.    Topic 2 Juvenile Licensing Laws
Upon completion of Topic 2 Juvenile Licensing Laws, students will know the juvenile licensing laws governing the requirements for Graduated Driver Licensing, identification cards, organ donation, provisional licensing, and knowledge testing by the Department of Motor Vehicles, Juvenile Licensing Ceremony, license suspension and revocation, and school attendance.


C.    Topic 3 Teen Crashes and Risks
Upon completion of Topic 3 Teen Crashes and Risks, students will know teen crashes and risks, including the comparison of US and Virginia Crash Statistics, Top Five Causes of Virginia Crashes, Teen Crash Risk, Teen Overrepresentation in Driver Crashes, Driving Risks caused by the Teen brain, Novice to Experienced Driver Behaviors, and Risk Reduction Techniques.


D.    Topic 4 Right of Way
Upon completion of Topic 4 Right-of-Way, students will know right-of-way rules, including identifying controlled and uncontrolled intersections, determining who has the right-of-way at T-Intersections, paved and unpaved roadways, roads crossing roads of varying sizes, entering and exiting controlled-access highways, private roadways and driveways, traffic circles, crosswalks, and what to do when encountering a funeral processions, military convoys, stationary emergency vehicle, mail or trash vehicle, vehicle with flashing lights, and school busses.


E.    Topic 5 Signals, Signs, and Pavement Markings
Upon completion of Topic 5 Signals, Signs, and Pavement Markings, students will know what information signals, signs, and pavement markings communicate to drivers, and how to respond to this communication to maintain a safe, smooth, orderly flow of traffic.



Module #2 Drivers education 9/14/2018 (Jeff Ray) 9/8/2018

Review the PowerPoint and complete the two tests on Schoology.  1) Vehicle Control Quiz 2) Adjusting the Vehicle

You must score at least a 70 on each of these.  Also, watch the videos associated with this module.

Module #3 9/17/2018 TO 9/21/2018 (Jeff Ray) 9/16/2018

We will be completing module 3 on schoology. Please take the test

 and complete the workbook.

Week #3 1st 6 weeks (Jeff Ray) 9/6/2018

We will be working on Module #2 in Drivers Education.  Students will need to go through the slide presentations to answer the workbook questions.  After completing the workbook, the students will log on to their Schoology account and complete the two tests.  The will also need watch the attached videos on Schoology and be ready for a test on them.


Be advised, this is a fast pace that we are on.  Students need to keep up with their daily assignments and tests or they will get way behind.

Week #5 1st 6 weeks (Jeff Ray) 9/15/2017

week #2 2nd 6 weeks Physical education (Jeff Ray) 3/16/2018

Week #2 5th 6 weeks (Jeff Ray) 3/24/2018

Week #3 5th 6th weeks (Jeff Ray) 3/24/2018

Lesson Plans for 02/06/17 to 02//17/17 (Jeff Ray) 1/1/2017

We will be continuing basketball skills and drills, followed by a class tournament and hopefully a school tournament.

Week # 1 5th 6 weeks (Jeff Ray) 3/24/2018

Week 4 6th 6 weeks PHYSICAL EDUCATION (Jeff Ray) 3/2/2018

We will be introducing kickball and softball this week.  We will work on skills for the first part of class then we will play games the remaining time.

STDs for family life (Jeff Ray) 10/9/2017

week 1 of 6th 6 weeks (Jeff Ray) 4/27/2018

Final Exam (Jeff Ray) 4/19/2017