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Class Schedule  

Welcome to Tazewell High School! 

Click the "Lesson Plans" link at the top to view lesson plans for AP US History/AP Government & Politics and VA/US Government. You can also get specific course information about weekly topics by clicking on your course link above.


2017-2018 Schedule:

Homeroom: 12th Grade (Class of 2018)

1st: VA/US Government (8:10-9:05)

2nd: Advanced Placement (AP) Government & Politics (9:10-10:00)

3rd: Advanced Placement (AP) United States History (10:05-10:55)

4th: Lunch Duty/Lunch (11:00-11:50)

5th: VA/US Government (11:55-12:50)

6th: Planning (1:25-2:15)

7th: VA/US Government (2:20-3:15)