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Robert McGraw Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

Welcome to Mr. McGraw's teacher webpage! I have planning 4th period; the best time to reach me or make an appointment to see me is from 11:00 am until 11:45 am during the school day. I would be happy, of course, to meet with you after school, and I regularly check my email, so that's another way you can contact me.

I post my lesson plans for the upcoming week every Sunday evening; you can find these under "This Week's Plans." I also have an archive of old lesson plans and links for my students on this webpage.

My Schedule:

1st Period: Advanced English 11 

2nd Period: Advanced English 10

3rd Period: Latin II [in fiber optics]

4th Period: Planning

5th Period: Advanced English 11


6th Period: AP English

7th Period: Advanced English 10