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Buckner, Patrick Math
Burris, Lindsey Math - Geometry, Alg 2, Functions
Campbell-Harris, Katrina Science - Biology & Ecology
Catron, Mike Social Studies
Cline, Gretchen Marketing Teacher - Coordinator and DECA Advisor
Cline, Nathan Special Education
Cronce, Patrick Science
Curto, Tony Business and Information Technology
Deskins, Greg Science
Greer, Mary Beth Math Department
Hall, Constance Foreign Language/Spanish
Hill, Colby Health and Physical Education
Hunt, Brooke Foreign Language/Spanish I-II
Hutchison, Caitlin Band
Johnson, Devan Agriculture
Keene, Tom Special Education
Kincer, Laura English
Lallande, Zachlynn Physical Education and Health
Larimer, Heather Special Education Chairperson
Lester, William Science
McGinnis, Shayna Library Media Specialist
McGraw, Robert English
McKinney, Samuel Social Studies
Meade-Patton, Chase Special Education
Mullins, Mary Business and Information Technology
Presley, Sue English Educator
Ray, Jeff Drivers Education/Health/PE
Ridlehuber, Gail Math
Sharpe, John Chorus/Music
Simpkins, Natasha Special Education
Smith, Geneva Melett English Teacher
Smith, Mona Business and Information Technology
Stillwell, Tiffany Biology
Stine, Timothy Special Education/Inclusion
Tester, Toni World Geography
Yost, Scott Math and Physics
Young, Cindy Dual ENG 111-112/Drama/English 11