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McGee, James Principal

Buckner, Patrick Math
Burris, Lindsey Math - Geometry, Alg 2, Functions
Campbell-Harris, Katrina Science - Biology & Ecology
Catron, Mike Social Studies
Cline, Gretchen Marketing Teacher - Coordinator and DECA Advisor
Cline, Nathan Special Education
Cronce, Patrick Science
Curto, Tony Business and Information Technology
Deskins, Greg Science
Greer, Mary Beth Math Department
Hall, Constance Foreign Language/Spanish
Haywood, Kaitlin Special Education
Hunt, Brooke Foreign Language/Spanish I-II
Hutchison, Caitlin Band
Johnson, Devan Agriculture
Keene, Tom Special Education
Kincer, Laura English
Lallande, Zachlynn Physical Education and Health
Larimer, Heather Special Education Chairperson
Leftwich, Nick Health & P.E.
Lester, William Science
Lucas, Billy History
McGinnis, Shayna Library Media Specialist
McGraw, Robert English
McKinney, Samuel Social Studies
Meade-Patton, Chase Special Education
Mullins, Mary Business and Information Technology
Presley, Sue English Educator
Ray, Jeff Drivers Education/Health/PE
Rhudy, Sharon Family and Consumer Science
Ridlehuber, Gail Math
Sharpe, John Chorus/Music
Simpkins, Natasha Special Education
Smith, Geneva Melett English Teacher
Smith, Mona Business and Information Technology
Stillwell, Tiffany Biology
Stine, Timothy Special Education/Inclusion
Tester, Toni World Geography
Woodward, Jenny English 10
Yost, Scott Math and Physics
Young, Cindy Dual ENG 111-112/Drama/English 11

Coleman, Melissa Bookkeeper
Jones, Lauren Secretary
McGinnis, Shayna Library Media Specialist
White, Maria Guidance Counselor
White, Sherry